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Body, Breath, Balance & Baby Too

Designed for mums with babies and toddlers up to 18 months

Specifically created for mums, a relaxing and engaging exercise class to have fun with baby and meet other mums 

Body Breath Balance (BBB) is progressive and stimulating for the body and mind; a body conditioning technique that you can enjoy as you gain agility, strength, and flexibility. 


As you become accustomed to the exercises, they imprint in your muscle memory, meaning the posture shall naturally improve; helping to keep strong and flexible whilst constantly strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and lower back.


In class we practice conscious relaxation in movement, discovering how not to become rigid from too much tension and causing more problems.

Each exercise is supported by specific breathing techniques, learning how to use your breath to your advantage. 

The wonderful thing about this method is that the techniques and behaviours taught in class become part of your everyday movement. supporting you at this vital time in early parenthood and beyond.

The added benefit is getting baby in to good habits from the outset...

Your baby will be watching you all the time for visual cues, mirroring your physical reactions in movement, including your breathing patterns. These visual cues of sitting standing and walking are vital in the formative years.

BBB & Baby too will show your baby the right way to move from the outset.

We use music to support each exercise that brings rhythm and timing to your movement and is also a wonderful way to share the 'dance' of the movement with your baby.

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Specific Benefits for Mums:

  • Improve posture, strength & tone

  • Repair weakened muscles

  • Release tension

  • Combat postnatal symptoms

  • Re-balance the 'baby carrying' hip


  •  Breathing capacity 

  •  Spine mobility

  •  Strength & stamina

  •  Agility

  •  Balance

  •  Coordination

  •  Free movement

  •  Centre of gravity

  •  Posture

  •  Comfortable gait

Exercising with Baby


Coming to Worthing soon...

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