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Important Information & Privacy Statement

I treat female clients only, except in the cases of:

  • Learning disability clients

  • Workshops where at least one female is present

I appreciate any recommendations to only those you know and trust… thank you.

Spectrum Balance does not intend to diagnose, treat or prescribe for conditions that require medical attention and it does not replace the care or advice of a trained medical professional, but rather complements where appropriate... in some cases, a doctor or consultant's approval may be required.  

48hrs cancellation notice is required or you may be charged at the discretion of Spectrum Balance.

New clients will be required to fill out a short questionnaire prior to the first appointment. 

Your personal information remains completely confidential and is NEVER passed on to third parties... see below for details.




In line with GDPR legislation, I must make it clear to you what information I hold about you, how it is stored, and what I intend to do with it.





I will hold the information that you have provided to me as per my Consultation Sheet that all clients must complete prior to having a session of any kind with me. This is not only a requirement for legal purposes but also for me to understand your requirements: the information you provide to me may influence what kind of therapy you receive. 




You shall only be asked from the outset how you prefer to be contacted and regarding what aspects of Spectrum Balance. ​If you wish to opt-out of any forms of contact over and above appointments that we are mutually arranging, then do let me know and that mode of contact shall be avoided and/or the nature of the reason for contact updated.




Client consultation sheets filled in by hand on paper are filed securely in my home.  If filled out online then they are also stored on my computer as a Word document on my password-protected computer.

Care home clients – clients that I visit in care homes. Their initial consultation sheets are kept at my home in a file, but details of their sessions are kept in files at the homes they live in so staff of the said home can have access to them. They are then archived and kept safe with their other personal information within the home. 

Third parties - all information submitted to me is never shared with any third party of any kind. Unless in cases where a letter is required from your GP/consultant or other health professional. In these cases, you are responsible for the initial contact with said persons and any further contact with them will be regarding more information if required regarding your safety or suitability of therapy, and you would be notified of this prior to any contact made. These circumstances are extraordinarily rare. No contact is made without your prior knowledge. There is no other reason for me to share your information with anyone else



It is a legal requirement that I keep hold of records and details of your sessions with me for 10 years. They are archived and kept in a filing system in my home, unless in cases of care home clients as detailed above.

After 10 years they are destroyed securely.
Anything I write on my clients' records about you is seen only by me or by you if you chose to see it.  You shall always be able to have access to this information. My computer is password protected with any backup files.

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