Reflexology & Massage Treatments

Hands-on therapies are amazing on their own but combined with my trained & intuitive eye in body & movement, they become a real benefit to healthful living...

Indian Head Massage

A soothing yet firm purposeful  touch is applied to the upper back and arms, the neck, head and face.


You shall be well supported in a seated position allowing for a natural release of tension in the most prone areas of stress and tension. Do not underestimate the power of a thorough IHM in a seated position.

Benefits joint mobility & flexibility in shoulders, neck & arms, improving range of motion in stiff joints. Circulation of blood & lymph & the removal of lactic acid from muscles. Reduces stress & anxiety by relaxing the mind & body, creating a feeling of well-being & enhanced self-esteem. Decreases heart rate & increases levels of hormones such as oxytocin having a positive effect on mood & behaviour. 



Reflexology is an ancient healing art; its aim is to restore homeostasis (a balancing of all body systems) by systematically applying an intricate and purposeful touch to the feet and ankles.


When one’s energy is hindered by experience, ill health or emotion, an energy misfire occurs within the body, perhaps causing ill health, ill mood and a sense of imbalance within the self.

Touch to the reflexology points, assists in the body’s own discharge of blocked energy safely and efficiently.

My touch is directed by my training and yet intuitive and experienced, bringing about a great sense of relaxation and a renewed sense of connectedness to the self and all that is around you.

Some of the things Reflexology can assist with: hormonal & digestive imbalances, muscle tension, anxiety, low mood, headaches and much, much more.


Sessions are one hour, either in your own home or a choice of two wellbeing clinics within Worthing.