Why Do I Do It...? Because I Love It!

I have found after treating hundreds of clients over 20 years that personal transformation is possible. Mostly in subtle ways finding the courage to change by restoring balance within & finding the courage to let go and move on.
The supporting of women through their process is a role I take great care in, taking delight and joy in their accomplishments.
My two years training in Holistic Therapy and Stress Management gave me the opportunity to see what touch and energy therapies plus a willing client can achieve. And in my second year of study I experienced yoga, movement and voice as a means to bring about shifts in perspectives; bringing a deeper awareness of the self.
I have always loved to dance, never having trained in any particular discipline until my mid 40s, previously free-styling it out whenever I had the opportunity. But 10 years or so on from having first qualified as a therapist, I was introduced to a method of dance that not only transformed me physically but brought great joy and power in my self-belief.
I have also enjoyed lots of group dance and movement practices, using movement for healing, personal development and meditation. Dancing the stories my body alone remembers, bringing joy and meaning to how and why I move the way I do, using this experience as a legitimate tool for personal transformation.
So, combining the curious mind, the love and fascination of people and a desire to be of service, I have been able to fashion together a unique blend of skills to assist you in your wellbeing and joy of life.
I offer Holistic Therapies in the comfort of your own home, One to One sessions & classes in Margaret Morris Movement at venues or on ZOOM... and combinations of touch and movement therapy for those looking for a deeper healing experience.