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Body  Breath  Balance

move better * breathe better * feel better

Body Breath Balance (BBB) is progressive and stimulating for the body and mind; a dance body conditioning technique that you can enjoy as you gain agility, strength, and flexibility as well as increasing our bodily perception of expression. 


Experience every natural movement and permutation of the body’s movement repertoire from head to toe with music providing rhythm and harmony in movement and breath.

The holistic benefits of dance body conditioning to music bring musicality and freedom to your movement. 

Body Breath Balance is drawn from Margaret Morris Movement (MMM)... a dance training method that was created in 1910 by the English dancer and physiotherapist Margaret Morris.


She created her method for the dance-like development of the body, which is built up in eleven stages of increasing complexity.


Underlining each exercise is the importance of the lungs, the abdomen, and feet,

…‘their efficient functioning is unquestionably of the first importance for success in any form of physical activity whatsoever.’ Margaret Morris 

Excerpt from - Basic Physical Training by Margaret Morris

MMM's Greek positions are key to strengthening not only opposition movements but the whole core strength... the angle from shoulder to hip is twisted and contracted for added strength, stability, coordination, and balance, limbering the spine in its process.

...and of course, all this for the joy of movement and expression itself, before you know it you are doing an exercise and then you are dancing, it really is wonderful to experience.

Move Better * Breathe Better * Feel Better

Drop in price £12

Pay in advance for 6 £11

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General Benefits:

  • Breathing capacity improved

  • Spine mobility

  • Strength & stamina

  • Agility

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Free movement

  • Centre of gravity

  • Posture

  • Comfortable gait


Dance Class

Tuesday Morning

Beginner / Intermediary Class

This class is currently full and has a mixture of new and experienced students!

Working at the basic & white levels with interesting and challenging variations to really put the muscle memory into practice.


Suited to most as varied abilities attend. Bringing clarity and confidence to the body & the breath in movement. With varied music of different rhythms and tempos encouraging musicality, expression & freedom of movement.

9:30 - 10:30

St. Marys Church Hall

Sea Lane/Ilex Way

Goring-by-Sea, BN12 4UZ


Tuesday Afternoon

Rehabilitative and preventive class, gentle yet highly effective exercise to

-improve what you've got,

-regain what you lost and

-prevent what you don't want!

Working mostly at a basic level with interesting and fun variations.​ This class will still work your body well but in a gentler form.

Ideal for those looking for a more rehabilitative class. Stimulates the mind as well as the body. Bringing clarity and confidence to what the body & the breath needs to do with each movement for total body harmony.



Heene Church Rooms



BN11 4PN

Happy Dance Class

Thursday Evening
This class is postponed to later in the year... I have an exciting formula to get the best out of your movement and enjoyment. Watch this space.

Body Breath Balance Dance

Beginner / Intermediary Class

Physical and energetic

Suited to those who wish to be slightly more challenged with complex variations and challenging yet doable balances and expressive movements.


This class teaches the foundations of all movement, and how we can use the body as an expressive tool. The exercise becomes a dance, we don't dance to exercise initially.


We do touch on some small choreographed pieces by using the exercises, so no experience in dance is necessary at all, but also is very welcomed.


With a great variety of music of differing rhythms and tempos, encouraging musicality, expression, confidence & freedom in movement & a strong and supple body​​ 

Conscious relaxation in movement is of equal importance bringing a clarity and confidence to what the body & the breath needs to do with each articulation the body has.


6.30 - 7.30

Heene Church Rooms

106 Heene Road

BN11 4PN

Dance Class

Body Breath Balance & Baby Too

Coming to Worthing soon... 

Specifically created for mums, a relaxing and engaging exercise class to have fun with baby and meet other mums 

Body Breath Balance (BBB) is progressive and stimulating for the body and mind; a body conditioning technique that you can enjoy as you gain agility, strength, and flexibility. 


As you become accustomed to the exercises, they imprint in your muscle memory, meaning the posture shall naturally improve; helping to keep strong and flexible whilst constantly strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and lower back.

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