Dance of Awareness

Dance of Awareness™ (DoA) is a new approach to working with movement, dance and awareness. It is a group movement practice that aims to increase self-awareness and self- acceptance.


DoA has five main streams of influence: Neo-Reichian body-centred psychotherapy; Five Rhythms dance; Authentic Movement; Dance Movement Psychotherapy; and the experiential exploration of Awareness itself. It is a group movement practice that aims to increase self-awareness and self- acceptance.


That sounds quite heavy right?... but really, Dance of Awareness provides a framework for you to truly nurture and consciously experience yourself through dance and movement of your own making.


Dance of Awareness becomes a meditation of sorts, as you discover your body's memories in movement, giving the opportunity to bring completion to old patterns that no longer serve in order to move forward with renewed energy.


We dance through 6 phases of early development. Sensing - the body and arriving into 'being'. Grounding - coming into contact with the world around us. Expressing - discovering shapes and patterns waiting to form. Releasing - working on letting go of patterns that no longer serve. Connecting - exploring connections with ourselves & others. Completion - honouring what is required to bring completion to our processes and unify our experiences.


I have 22 years experience in Holistic Body Work and have found DoA to work very well in helping one to recognise and break away from old patterns of behaviours that hinder our true potential.

Open to men, women and everyone either side and in between.


''I so enjoyed Sunday’s Dancing Awareness session. To be just myself with no-one to judge me was just so liberating and at the same time so calming. To think I nearly didn’t come!'' Susan

''I have attended two Dance of Awareness Worthing sessions now and I have found both to be enjoyable and freeing for body and soul. It is wonderful to be able to dance to your body's own impulse in a beautifully held space....'' Louise

''You must try Dance of Awareness... I left the workshop feeling energised and relaxed at the same time.'' Kate


Fabulous emotive music and gentle invitation takes you through the phases bringing completion to your experiences.

​The 'mind' of the body has lots to tell, its expression is affected by our experience. DoA allows your body to be heard and honoured in its movement, bringing renewal and release.


No steps to learn or dance experience necessary ... suitable for all levels of fitness.


We dance and move through the 6 phases of early development rediscovering the body memory and allowing it to release what no longer serves well or amplify what is good!