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Why Dance


Discover freedom of movement

Any move we make that is other than purely functional is a dance.
We are naturally expressive beings and communicate so much through movement alone that no matter how small or grand our 'dance', it is still a dance. 

Dance has been used for millennia as a form of expression, ritual, and communication, I often think how verbal communication belies the true things we are trying to communicate, that is as much to ourselves as to others.

Margaret Morris knew this, and in developing her method of movement married function and expression together perfectly... function for physical health and expression for every other aspect of our being. 

Dance of Awareness offers an opportunity to express our inner experience to our outer opportunity that does not need form but a structure in which to experience a whole new vocabulary with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us.

Body Breath Balance uses a combination of Margaret Morris' techniques with my own experience in body movement therapy, this & Dance of Awareness are wonderful in their own right and are taught and facilitated as such. I provide also workshops combining the two where we can explore our physical limitations to our experience and move on from them safely and joyfully.

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