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Walk Yourself Well

Improve your walking posture

Do you suffer with chronic and

re-occurring pain when walking?

Do you get fatigued easily?

Are you curious if you are walking well?

Walk Yourself Well a comprehensive,

enjoyable workshop improving...

foot strength & flexibility

head position

breathing technique

co-ordination of movement

posture & body awareness

the enjoyment of walking

control in movement

Walking is the ultimate free exercise, although through bad walking habits much of its benefits are lost.

Walking is essentially a progressive series of movements, there are no static positions. But more often than not we hold tension and contraction of muscles which impede the free flowing action of walking.

Many things can be responsible for this; our mood, weak glutes, inflexible feet, tight hip flexors, knee pain/stiffness, rigid or weak ankles, postural imbalances. Also, 'tech neck' from looking at our phones and of course the old saying 'shoulders back' are not always helpful.

In this workshop we shall use exercise and movement, breathing techniques and body awareness to empower our walking habits. 

What you discover in this workshop will last you a lifetime.

New dates to follow

07833 053925

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