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- the origins of movement

Sunday 10th March / Findon Village Hall


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How do I move through my life?
Does the way I move my body serve me well?

Can body awareness really improve my health & well-being?

Origins of Movement - revive and re-educate movement patterns for a greater sense of well-being & total body harmony.

Join us at the lovely Findon Village Hall for an enlightening exploration into the origins of our movement.

Delve deeper into the fundamentals of human movement and in the process discover techniques to enhance physical and mental health.

Can changing the way I move my body really improve my health & well-being?

Bring harmony in breath, movement, function & emotional reaction.

Combining Body Breath Balance techniques & a deeper experience into conscious body movement, we discoverer our weak spots, bring what we can to make them stronger & learn how movement awareness can bring clarity & rejuvenation to the body, mind & spirit.

Amanda Evans FFHT is a professionally qualified dance teacher, Dance of Awareness facilitator & holistic body therapist, she runs regular classes and is dedicated to supporting others to reap the benefits of healthy enjoyable movement

Like all my classes and workshops the hall is warm friendly and welcoming.

In this day workshop we discover new ways of being and experiencing through the tool of our very own body.

Findon Village Hall, High Street, Findon BN14 0TA / 07833 053925 /

Please do not hesitate to call for more information.


Creative Movement

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