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Body Breath Balance is progressive and stimulating for the body and mind; a body conditioning technique that you can enjoy as you gain agility, strength and flexibility. 

The holistic benefits of dance body conditioning to music, brings musicality and a freedom to your movement. 

Underlining each exercise is the importance of the lungs, the abdomen and feet,

…‘their efficient functioning is unquestionably of the first importance for success in any form of physical activity whatsoever.’ Margaret Morris 

Excerpt from - Basic Physical Training by Margaret Morris

  • Breathing capacity 

  • Spine mobility

  • Strength & stamina

  • Agility

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Free movement

  • Centre of gravity

  • Posture

  • Comfortable gait

BBB is drawn from MMM... a dance training method that was created in 1910 by the English dancer and physiotherapist Margaret Morris.


She created her method for the dance-like development of the body, which is built up in eleven stages of increasing complexity.



MMM's Greek positions, are key to strengthening not only opposition movements but for the whole core strength... the angle from shoulder to hip is twisted and contracted for added strength, stability, coordination and balance, limbering the spine in it's process.

Experience every natural movement and permutation of the body’s movement repertoire from head to toe with music providing rhythm and harmony in movement and breath

Health Play Classes for preschoolers also available.